Kashmir Development Foundation Marks Elderly Abuse Awareness Day


Pallandri, Azad Jammu & Kashmir – June 15, 2024 – The Kashmir Development Foundation (KDF) joins the global community in marking Elderly Abuse Awareness Day, reaffirming its dedication to safeguarding the rights and well-being of older adults in Jammu and Kashmir and beyond. This day serves as a crucial reminder of our collective responsibility to respect, protect, and empower our elderly population.

Sardar Aftab Khan, Executive Director of the Kashmir Development Foundation, emphasized the significance of this day: “On Elderly Abuse Awareness Day, we highlight the importance of respect and dignity for older adults. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that older adults have equitable access to all public and social welfare services. In Jammu and Kashmir, as well as worldwide, we must stand united in our commitment to protect the rights of our elderly citizens and provide them with the care and support they deserve.”

Mrs. Saima Qadeer, Managing Director of the Kashmir Development Foundation, echoed this commitment: “Members of the Kashmir Development Foundation solemnly pledge our unwavering commitment to protecting and supporting our elderly citizens, especially in times of emergencies. We recognize that emergencies, whether natural disasters, health crises, or conflicts, can exacerbate the vulnerabilities of our elderly population, and we are dedicated to ensuring their safety and dignity. #RefuseToAbuse”

The KDF continues to work tirelessly to create a supportive environment for older adults, advocating for policies that enhance their quality of life and ensure their inclusion in all aspects of society. Through awareness campaigns, community programs, and policy advocacy, KDF aims to foster a society where the elderly are valued, respected, and provided with the necessary resources to live with dignity.

About Kashmir Development Foundation:

The Kashmir Development Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to the social and economic development of Jammu and Kashmir. KDF focuses on various areas, including health, education, human rights, and community development, with a special emphasis on protecting and empowering vulnerable populations, including the elderly.

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