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Empowers the voice of under-represented peoples and communities


Kashmir Development Foundation (KDF) strives to expand its programs and offerings to diverse communities. We hope that you will be able to support one or more of the many exciting projects that we are offering this year. It is our mission to help people in improving their quality of life and livelihoods within Jammu Kashmir by enabling people to claim their human rights, to have their needs met, and have greater control over the decision making processes which affect their lives and development. In order to meet our mission and provide services in our community, we rely on the generosity of individuals, businesses and committees such as yours for support. Without the assistance of community-minded individuals just like you, we wouldn't be able to serve those in our community each year. We ask that you make a commitment to support our annual appeal by making a cash donation. Your generosity will make a difference in our community by allowing us to continue in our work. Remember that every donation makes a difference, regardless of size. You can make your donations via Online Now.

Gift Aid Declaration Form

At no extra cost to you, your gift could be worth an extra 25% to us.

By signing a Gift Aid declaration, Kashmir Development Foundation (KDF) not only benefits from your kind donation, but is also able to reclaim the tax which is paid out when the donation is made. By highlighting the Gift Aid box on any donation form, we can claim back 25p for every £1 you give, at no extra cost to you.

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