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Empowers the voice of under-represented peoples and communities

Social Justice and Equality

Social Justice - Integrating Equality and Human Rights

KDF believe that the people should be able to challenge the attitudes of individuals and practices of institutions and society that discriminate against and marginalise people.

KDF is leading on integrating equality and human rights work in Jammu and Kashmir. We continue to support community development initiatives and partnerships to increase opportunities and life chances for Kashmiri people.

Recognition and inclusion of Kashmiri ethnic and national origin in Race Equality monitoring systems within U.K has been our key focus since our foundation.

  1. KDF leads on public policy advocacy to influence and inform policy and strategy for elimination of discrimination, protection of human rights, and to advance equality of opportunity and fostering good relations.

  1. We support in the development and delivery of projects that enable Kashmiri people to engage in decision making forums at local, neighbourhood, district and country levels to make change happen.

  1. We empower the voice of Kashmiri people and build the capacity of formal and informal networks of Kashmiri civil society organisations and social enterprises.

  1. We enable people to claim their human rights, to have their needs met, and have greater control over the decision making processes which affect their lives, livelihood and sustainable development.

Sports for 

Connecting Communities

To build relations, bridge divisions and develop networks 

across communities & cultures for reconciliation, conflict transformation, peace and development within all the regions of former state of Jammu and Kashmir by developing strong and vibrant sports networks for hosting inter and intra-regional, and across ceasefire line/Line of control (LOC) sports events.

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