Briefing Paper

Briefing Paper

Action for Road Safety in Azad Jammu Kashmir

According to the World Health Organisation report, every day, more than 500 children and young people around the world under the age of 18 years die from road traffic accidents, and 186,300 people die each year. The rates of road traffic death among children are three times higher in developing than in developed countries. Road traffic injury ranks among the top 4 causes of death for children under five years and is the number 1 killer of young people between the ages of 15- 17 years (WHO, 2015).

In Azad Jammu Kashmir, every other day, a person dies due to road traffic collisions (RTC). The AJK Police data on significant road traffic accidents suggests that 698 people died and 3540 were injured from 1492 accidents (2011-14).